Commercial Blinds

Ron Burns Blinds commercial services offer dedicated support to the construction, hotel and the healthcare sectors. From initial design advice through to effective supply and installation of commercial blinds, our expert team are able to provide a holistic service.

With a track record working with developers, builders, architects and interior designers throughout Australia, Ron Burns Blinds is the answer to your project’s window covering requirements around South Australia..

Our commercial blinds are known for their motorisation capabilities, and we also develop detailed wiring plans offsite, and then work through to on-site co-ordination between the electrical contractors and building management system programmers.

With our ability to buy in volume, we are able to provide value for money and on time delivery for all leading window covering vendors. Call now to discuss your commercial project plans.

Roller Shutters

Roller shutters are a stylish addition to your home. They are unobtrusive, blend with any architectural style and are available in a wide range of colours and materials. Most of our roller shutters are made from aluminium, and provide security from burglars and vandalism and also provide protection from storms, airborne fire embers and strong winds.

Our window roller shutters are insulated and prevent the summer heat radiating through windows as well as preventing heat escaping during winter months.(so important to save on escalating energy costs)

Roller Shutters are operated from inside your home and can be either manual or fully automated and motorised in their operation. The installation of roller shutters provides a significant reduction in noise levels whether it be from busy traffic, neighbours or barking dogs.

There are great benefits for shift workers and young children needing to sleep. Filtered light is available at soft comfortable levels by simply partially opening the shutter. This will also create air flow, allowing your home to “breathe” in your absence. This is ideal for evaporative air conditioning systems.

Window frames and interior furnishings will last longer with the installation of roller shutters. They will prevent sunlight fading your carpet, paintings and soft furnishings, and protect your property from the harsh Australian climate. For more information on roller shutters and the different operating systems available please go to The largest roller shutter manufacturer in the southern hemisphere.

E-Series control

The Ozroll Drive system is a low voltage battery operated drive system that is not reliant upon mains power. With operation at the touch of a button this unique system offers a cost effective alternative with many other additional benefits including a more efficient installation, as well as the ability to operate the shutters in the event of a power failure.

The E-Series tubular motors can be fitted into the axle, or for smaller openings a lateral motor is available which is mounted on the end plate, making this system capable of use with curtains under 300mm.

Each motor is equipped with a low voltage cable which is connected directly to the back of the wall plate. The wall plate is permanently fixed to the interior of the opening and creates a circuit for the removable battery pack to be inserted into.

Security Doors

All Ron Burns Blinds security doors are made with the best quality aluminium and components. All our security doors come with three hinges, dead lock and fibreglass wire, door closer and are fully installed by our trained security door installation contractors. Security Door Mesh Options There are several options available for the fine mesh in your security door.

Fibreglass Mesh: The standard mesh used in all security doors, it is produced in roll form and splined into the frame. Only available in black and not recommended for fire zones.

Restricted Vision Mesh: Made from pressed aluminium with sloping hole, which creates the effect of not being able to clearly see the person on the inside, depending on the light source. RVM comes in black, white, primrose, bronze and brown. RVM is produced in sheet form and is held in place by rivets and J bead which is available in white, black, and primrose only.

Tuff Screen: Made from woven aluminium with holes to let the breeze pass through and does not restrict your vision. Tuff Screen is only available in black. It is produced in roll form and is held in place by 4mm rubber spline.

Invisigard: Made of stainless steel, in black only. Produced in sheet form and is held in place with a series of wedges, insulators and keepers to give a high level of security with no grill required.

Alugard: Made from pressed double aluminium sheets, with open holes for clear vision. Only available in black. Riveted to frame. Has not passed Australian Standards.

Security Products

The security of your home is important. At Ron Burns Blinds you can achieve this without sacrificing style, with our range of security doors, security screens and roller shutters.

We also sell the Invisigard range – boasting Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel and exceptional clarity you can be rest assured your Invisi-Gard product will provide the best security without compromising your view. All Invisi-Gard products are custom built and available in the full range of powder coating colours to complement any residential or commercial property. .

Security Screens

Unfortunately, most home invasions happen through windows – so now is the time to make sure you get your Ron Burns Blinds custom-made and fitted security screens for the windows and doors on your home.

Our security screens come in many shapes, colours and designs, and they’re made to suit a wide variety of different window applications. We can also supply, fit and install window locks to ensure your home and your family is protected.

X Gard Security Doors

Finally, a security door screen that let’s you see out of your house, but prevents people from looking in! While our Screen Shield mesh allows you to have the security without compromising on the luxury of space and openness, there are times and instances where you need the ultimate in privacy offered by our unique, state-of-the-art Xgard privacy mesh.

XGard Security Door Features

Full mesh door – no grille required

You can see out – but people cannot see in!

Durable and extremely strong

Unique patented design

Our exclusive mesh design ensures you can see outside, but it limits the field of vision for those looking in, offering you peace of mind and safety.