Exterior Blinds

Ron Burns Blinds supplies all your outdoor blinds in addition to the many exterior blinds we sell, we also maintain a large range of spare parts and our friendly, helpful staff are only too willing to find that odd part for you.

Zipscreen Blinds

The Zipscreen System is the ultimate external screening solution for any outdoor area or window. Specifically designed for alfresco entertaining areas such as pergolas, verandahs and balconies, it offers privacy and protection from the sun, wind, rain and insects all year around.

Cleverly constructed with hidden interlocking parts, the Zipscreen System features self-aligning side channels for a stylish and sophisticated finish. Each is custom-made to give you the perfect fit from edge to edge, with no gaps, guaranteed. Suitable for both residential and commercial applications with options including a range of custom colours, various controls, tuned spring operation or crank control or motorised and enclosed box covers to suit your individual requirements.

Strong and durable, the Zipscreen System offers protection from the sun, UV rays, rain and gusty winds.(although should not be left down in extreme wind) Combined with mesh fabric that ranges from 5% to 1% openness Zipscreens are suited for a wide range of conditions, it is the perfect solution for any outdoor residential or commercial application.

Sizes of the Zipscreen system has recently been increased to a massive 12 square meters and still covered by warranty now thats faith in the product.

Also the new lock down system makes operation so simple from either size its amazing.(no more rods or clasps).


Cafe Blinds

Café Blinds are a great way of enclosing an outdoor space which creates an additional functional room.

The Café Blind is available in clear or tinted PVC and Shade View fabrics that you can either manually roll up, or add zips for a unique finish to your exterior Cafe Blind.

Zip Trak Blinds

Opposition to the manufacturers of Zipscreen System I can explain the differences and you can decide which system will suit you.

If you’re looking for a fuss free solution for enclosing your outdoor living area, then consider the Ziptrak for an ideal blind that will protect against all the elements.

Choose from our wide range of contemporary Shade View fabrics and clear or tinted PVC to stylishly complement the high quality aluminium tracks powder coated to your choice.

The simple operation and low maintenance qualities of the Ziptrak ensures privacy, adds instant value to your home and maximises your outdoor space providing a modern entertaining area all year round.

Verandah Awnings

The simplicity of the spring operated verandah awning is an affordable yet effective solution to your outdoor areas. Choose between manual operation on a spring, crank handle or cord and pulley. This style of awning is as suggested for straight drop applications but can be adapted to do many things. Add extra stopping heights to maximise the function of your verandah awning .

Available in Canvas , PVC Clear or screen fabric.

Extras Available

  • Stainless steel parts if you are by the sea.
  • Hoods are available in a range of powder coated colours that will add extra protection to your awnings all year round.
  • Auto Guide Awnings

    I’ve lost count of how many of these I have fitted because they have been the mainstay of shading windows for donkeys years.

    The colour range for outside awnings has improved dramatically and now includes a great range of traditional stripes and contemporary colours. As well as the cotton/polyester canvas with the green backing there are acrylic weaves that show the colours on both sides, giving another alternative.

    Also available with straight hem or the traditional scallop or wavy hem.

    For those who want to protect against the heat but retain outside views, don’t look past our sunscreen fabric range. Made from nylon, sunscreen is a specially woven fabric that reflects the UV rays but will not restrict your view. Available in a similar range of colours and designs as canvas. Sunscreen fabrics will achieve a more modern look on any awning and freshen the look of your home.

    They provide a huge value for money product.

    The most commonly replaced part is the canvas skin which can be replaced if damaged or just faded after many years or use and the metal parts are still in good condition.

    Extras Available

  • Stainless steel parts if you are by the sea.
  • Hoods are available in a range of powder coated colours that will add extra protection to your awnings all year round.

  • Folding Arm Awnings

    Folding arm awnings are great for small or large outdoor areas. With a maximum width of 7 metres and a max projection of 3 metres, they can cover all size patio areas. Folding arm awnings are a modern multi use awning. They provide great protection, shade and suit all styles of homes.

    Our folding arm awnings have a tilt mechanism allowing you to shade your area at all times of the day or a wind sensor, for those windy days that self retracts in so you don’t have to do any of the work. They can be motorised on 240 volt system or manually operated. To fully enclose the folding arm awning, you can have a semi cassette or open hood to add extra protect to you awning and material.

    Our range of acrylic fabrics come in plan or striped colours. They provide shade and rain shower protection.

    They are not designed to be out in strong winds or heavy rain.

    Fixed Awnings

    Fixed Awnings, also known as Dutch awnings, are a fixed canopy normally over a door or window. This canopy will provide shade to the area and stop the sun shining in and fading any furniture or carport.

    Available in Canvas or Acrylic material.

    Phantom Screens

    Phantoms Screens’ retractable door, window, fly screens, pleated and motorised screens are suitable in virtually any setting. Phantom Screens are offered in a wide variety of popular designer colours and styles to coordinate with the individual decor of your home. With their unique design they’re there when you need them and invisible when you don’t.

    Phantom Screens fit virtually anywhere, require minimal space, and enhance the beauty and comfort of any home. They provide all the practical conveniences of conventional screens without compromising the integrity of a home’s design. Phantom retractable window screens are an innovative solution for discerning homeowners, designers, architects, and builders who wish to realise their best creative insights.

    Exterior Motorised Blinds

    For convenience and practicality your Ziptrak, Zipscreen and Wire Guides can be motorised.

    Add value to your home and open your blinds with ease and enjoy the simplicity of our motorised exterior blinds.